About the Port Innovation Atlas

Port Innovation Atlas brings ports into contact with innovative start-ups and scale-ups based upon a proven methodology. The PortXL program has extensively proven the success of collaborating with start-ups and scale-ups. The alumni start-ups are more successful than the benchmark.

With the Port Innovation Atlas, a port has easy access to innovation. Ports do not have to hire expensive consultants or experiment from scratch themselves, thereby preventing failure costs.

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Why Port Innovation Atlas?

Ports and companies active in the maritime sector are realising that the challenges they face and upcoming opportunities based on technology can only be met through innovation. Starting from scratch makes the road to success long. Using PortXL’s expertise, the vision of the Port Innovation Atlas is to accelerate this path towards innovation that leads to an increase of the sustainable growth of ports through start-ups and scale-ups


Ports, Maritime, Shipping & Logistics, Chemicals & Refinery and Energy


Underwater ROVs, Smart Maintenance, Blockchain, Digitalisation of Logistics, Emission Reduction, Operations Optimization and plenty more…

The benefits for your port

2500 start-ups?

The start-ups are globally sourced (from the Netherlands to Brazil to India and plenty more) and provide tailormade solutions. The methodology for scouting and selection is proven by 5 years of experience from the World’s 1st Port & Maritime Accelerator.

By only working with established solution providers, you miss out on potential new sources of innovation: buying from or collaborating with an innovative start-up or scale-up gives you a competitive edge. Start-ups have less overhead costs, and a stronger innovation focus.

Example of a Validated Innovator

Each year, we have had the opportunity to engage with amazing start-ups and scale-ups all over the world,
and we’d like to help you find the best start-up for your needs. Take advantage of our SaaS (Scouting as a Service) and bring your port to the next level!

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