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Emission analysis

2020-12-10T10:53:30+01:00Innovation challenges, Panama|

PANAMA CANAL PORT AUTHORITY - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Emission analysis There are many new environmental regulations adopted worldwide. Panama wants to make sure to comply to them and protect the environment. Therefore, they are looking for solutions to analyse emissions data in relation to environmental protection in Panama waters [...]

Equipment traceability

2020-12-10T10:36:41+01:00Innovation challenges, Panama|

PANAMA CANAL PORT AUTHORITY - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Equipment traceability Project managers need an easy way to find floating equipment (see above picture for an example) and all the details needed in order to be more efficient in their project. This apply not only to floating equipment, but [...]

Tidal difference shock waves

2020-12-10T10:25:12+01:00Innovation challenges, Panama|

PANAMA CANAL PORT AUTHORITY - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Tidal difference shock waves Panama is well known as a maritime hub for shipping and logistics.Its geographical location poses certain environmental challenges. For instance, due to the tidal difference and subsequent shock waves, bunkering and shipping activities are heavily affected on [...]

Reefer Plugs Information

2020-07-09T10:20:16+01:00Innovation challenges, Pecem|

PORT OF PECEM - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Reefer Plugs Information The Brazilian port of Pecem seeks to find a solution for calculating the exact time (real time) the container is connected (plug-in & plug-out) to their reefer plugs and also provide the information directly to the Port [...]

Leverage AIS Data

2020-07-08T09:36:27+01:00Algeciras, Innovation challenges|

PORT OF ALGECIRAS - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Leverage AIS data The vessel movement data provided by the Automatic Identification System (AIS) has gained much popularity over the past decade, during which the deployment of satellite-based receivers has enabled wide coverage and improved data quality. The application of [...]

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