Efficiency, Power2Ship, Fuel & Facilities

The Port of Vancouver is looking to:

1) Increase efficiency of supply chains while approaching and while in Ports through development and harmonization of digital tools that increase transparency and optimise supply chain performance;

2) Accelerate development of feasible renewable power-2-ship solutions or other zero emission solutions controlling at-berth emissions for ships using conventional fossil fuels;

3) Accelerate our efforts to fully decarbonize the cargo-handling facilities in ports;

4) Accelerate in the supply chain development of commercially viable sustainable low-carbon fuels for maritime transport (with a greenhouse gas reduction potential well below 50% of the current fuels) and infrastructure for electrification of ship propulsion systems such as charging and/or battery exchanges. We support the role of LNG as transition fuel.

Source: IAPH’s World Ports Climate Action Program Initiative – reposted with permission

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