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North Sea Port

Quay Walls Maintenance

NORTH SEA PORT - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Quay Walls Maintenance Ensure that future investments and maintenance on the quay walls of North Sea Port (56km) are not performed too early, but just in time related to the maximum stretched lifetime conform monitoring results and proper calculations. North Sea Port wishes to make condition and reliability-based assessments of [...]

Startup solutions

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Specialized in optimizing field inspection and maintenance workflows. The solution consists of a cloud platform and a mobile application.


PortXL Rotterdam 2018 Cohort

Pilots with Boskalis, City of Rotterdam, City of Dordrecht

Last update: 26.02.20

Nido Robotics

Developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (robots) for industrial applications in coastal waters. Robots are designed and manufactured inhouse, are modular, easy to deploy, and can be adapted at scale to the customers changing needs with software that permits semi-autonomous navigation and report generation.


PortXL Rotterdam 2020 Cohort

Last update: 5.03.20

VRT Finland

VRT’s 3D inspection methodology enables inspection of up to 2 kilometers waterfront structures per day with centimeter accuracy, with zero interruptions to port operations. Inspection consists of high-resolution 3D scanning from seabed as well as underwater and above water vertical structures.


PortXL Rotterdam 2020 Cohort

Pilot in progress with Boskalis, TNO & Rijkswaterstaat.

Last update: 5.03.20

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