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Sustainable Smart Port

2020-05-28T10:19:35+01:00Innovation challenges, Taranto|

PORT OF TARANTO - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Sustainable Smart Port Taranto port focuses its efforts on smart solutions to make the port operations more efficient, sustainable and environmentally sound. Taranto recognizes the importance of the wide opportunities offered by emerging innovation trends that can play a role [...]

Supply Chain Innovation

2020-05-28T10:23:25+01:00Innovation challenges, Israel Ports|

ISRAEL PORTS COMMUNITY - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Supply Chain Innovation IPC develops and operates the Israeli Port Community system and looks continuously for innovative solutions to streamline the maritime supply chain processes. Discover the Matched Solutions Impact on UN Sustainable Development Goal(s): [...]

Quay Walls Maintenance

2020-05-28T10:23:59+01:00Innovation challenges, North Sea Port|

NORTH SEA PORT - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Quay Walls Maintenance Ensure that future investments and maintenance on the quay walls of North Sea Port (56km) are not performed too early, but just in time related to the maximum stretched lifetime conform monitoring results and proper calculations. North [...]

Digital Supply Chain

2020-03-11T13:57:15+01:00Innovation challenges, Rotterdam|

PORT OF ROTTERDAM - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Digital Supply Chain The #1 port in Europe wishes to increase efficiency of supply chains using digital tools. Furthermore, the Port of Rotterdam seeks to accelerate the development of commercially viable sustainable low carbon fuels for maritime transport and infrastructure [...]

Blue Tech

2020-03-11T14:05:31+01:00Innovation challenges, San Diego|

PORT OF SAN DIEGO - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Blue Tech Through its Blue Economy incubator program, the Port of San Diego is seeking innovative aquaculture and blue tech proposals to inform future opportunities and to address its environmental challenges; from compliance to remediation. Discover the Matched Solutions [...]

Electric Revolution

2020-03-11T14:03:50+01:00Innovation challenges, Seattle|

PORT OF SEATTLE - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Electric Revolution The Port of Seattle is on-board with the energy transition. They want to electrify their harbor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support a fleet of electric ferries and similar vessels. Discover the Matched Solutions Impact [...]

Resilient infrastructure

2020-03-11T14:08:18+01:00Innovation challenges, Philippines|

PHILIPPINE PORT AUTHORITY - INNOVATION CHALLENGE Resilient Infrastructure Adoption of digital technologies in ports presents an awesome challenge to the Philippine Port Authority. That is, to start developing resilient port infrastructure and addressing climate change issues in ports. Furthermore, the Philippine Port Authority expressed a significant [...]

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